Lotti Ander

Owner / Real Estate Broker

+34 650 202 970

I have worked as a journalist and later as an interior designer during my previous jobs. When my husband and now colleague got a job in Spain it was not a difficult choice to come along. My curiosity about the Spanish culture and life in the warmth attracted me and I was interested in learning a new language – and – it turned out – even a new profession. I became a broker and have liked it since the first moment. Building customer relations and being both advisory and supportive throughout the purchase process gives me an incredible joy kick. Satisfied customers are good luck!

We fell in love with Estepona and live and work here, but have a good knowledge of the whole coast.

Why we like Estepona so much, you can read on the blog here.

Peter Fahlberg

Owner / Real Estate Broker

+34 628 078 668

My background is actually more Spanish than Swedish. I grew up in Spain and therefore have both the language, the culture and the knowledge of “how it works” with me in the blood so to speak. It is of course a big asset – with customers, sellers, authorities and in social contexts. I have worked with sales training and leadership development in large companies in Sweden, Spain, USA, Japan and China. Now I’m back in my beloved Spain and of course I know that I have a big experience bank to turn out and give to our customers. All sales are about trust and understanding. To make sure that you make the right investment. Our knowledge of areas, price levels and sales experience makes you feel safe to buy an accommodation here with us.

If you want to read more about how the buying process works, click here.

Our Partners

GRS Edificaciones/Constructors, maintenance

GRS Edificaciones has a long experience of construction, renovation and have a competent and experienced team of craftsmen attached to them. Remodeling of older apartments and villas is the specialty of the group. They also have service people for maintenance work, such as cleaning, gardening, installation of alarm systems etc.

Ricardo Rincón Wong/Lawyer

We cooperate with the law firm RRW Abogados, Ricardo Ricon Wong, at Centro Plaza, with many years of legal experience implementing the legal process for Swedish buyers / sellers. Within his domains there is also a Notariat that provides all necessary services, ensuring a safe purchase. This means that the handling of space handling becomes a smooth part of the process.

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