10 easy steps when buying property in Spain


Here are some lines about what we can help you with when looking for a property on the Costa del Sol and above all in Estepona! The coast is long and includes a lot of different areas with lots of properties that are for sale. But how are you going to find the right one? It’s not so easy to sit in front of a computer screen and go through portals and websites and try to understand where it is located, condition etc. Pictures are a good help but there is much more needed!


Start by choosing a savvy broker who can help you through the entire buying process!

In Sweden and other parts of Europe, brokers work in a different way than in Spain by having exclusivity on the property, thus representing both sellers and buyers. While on the Costa del Sol, the seller has one broker and the buyer another who safeguards his interests. Most real estate companies on the coast are connected to a database where sales agents show the items they have for sale. This means that our purchasing brokers have access to the entire market for our customers and do not limit ourselves to our own objects.

So what are the benefits for you as a buyer to have your own broker? Several things! First and foremost, we get access to the entire supply on the market, we are reviewing all channels. But it is our local knowledge that is the crucial difference why you should choose us! We have specialized in the Estepona area, in details to get the best on this market! An object can look good on a picture, but what is around is not reported or what is in the city plan. We can market here, price levels and areas and know what’s good to invest in. And what to avoid. We live here and love the city, nature, climate and people – Estepona is simply a bit better, more genuine and more Spanish!

To quickly understand your wishes, we make several calls before you get here, we also make a analysis of your needs and then send suggestions that match your expectations. Once you are here, we have already “sorted out” uninteresting listings. It is common for you to see several different properties to create your own references and compare. With one and same real-estate agent throughout the process, the foundation becomes common, we have seen the same objects and can discuss pros and cons. If you go with several brokers, they have no idea what you’ve seen and you’re losing precious time!


We offer security from start to finish and we have a good team attached to us.

We help you to orient yourself in the market by finding the best property for you. And it’s a service that’s free. In Spain, the seller is paying our fee. We cooperate with the good and knowledgeable international and Swedish brokers on the coast. And we have a partnership with both lawyer, notary, surveyor and construction company that can help you. One broker – from start to finish – less
stress and more service for you!

Read more about all our services and especially our beautiful properties we have to offer here on our website.


We are looking forward to helping you find your dream home here!


THE BUYING PROCESS – 10 simple steps


Budget and funding

Review your budget and funding so that you know what conditions apply before you begin your search.


Find your area

You can do that by reading and googling, talking to friends or even better - go down to the coast and take a walk and peek in different areas, what feels best to your wishes? Or better yet - call us - we can the whole coast and guide you right!


Search for properties

Find the homes in your favorite areas that you want to take a closer look at. Find them easily through our search features!


Contact the real estate agent

Each property has a responsible broker attached to it. It is the broker who has an agreement with the seller for the accommodation, it is also the broker who visited the residence and has the most knowledge of it.


Plan your trip

Plan your visit and ask your broker to book viewings for the items you want to see and experience!


Choose a lawyer and sign a letter of attorney

We work with a law firm that has long experience of buying and selling with Scandinavian customers. They will help you with the necessary formalities and ensure that everything that goes with the legal runs smoothly. To apply for a foreign social security number, to open a Spanish bank account or to transfer different contracts for water and electricity, etc. A power of attorney is important for the lawyer to be able to do his work and makes it easier for you to always attend documents. The authorization is signed by a Notary Publicus. Our attorney has this feature in the same premises, which makes the process extremely smooth.


Select a property and place an offer

So you have found a home you like? Perfect! Then it's time to make a bid! It can be difficult to know exactly what the final price will be at the home you want to buy. The only way to find out is to place a bid that you feel comfortable with and wait for feedback. Your broker will work to find a sum that both buyers and sellers agree. Important to remember is that if you do not agree on the price you can always withdraw from the hearing. But of course you should avoid placing bids that you are not supposed to stand for. Do not wait for the price to be much lower than the starting price. The price is set by a professional broker and is a good indication of possible selling price..


Enter reservation details and pay a booking fee

Reservation agreement can be entered when you and the seller agree on a price. When booking your accommodation, you will pay a booking fee of approximately € 6000 (may in some cases be a bit lower or higher depending on the item) in order for the seller to remove the item from the market. Then your lawyer will help you to make sure everything looks right with your home. Should the lawyer find something that does not look right, then you have the opportunity to withdraw from the store and get your booking fee back. If everything looks good, the deal goes on to the purchase agreement. If you are confident in your case and want to make sure that no one else buys the accommodation in front of your nose, you can opt out of the booking fee.


Enter purchase agreement

The purchase agreement is the binding agreement that regulates the deal, which includes the payment of a 10% deposit to be paid by the buyer to enter into force. Your lawyer will assist you in explaining what the agreements mean, and negotiating the terms of the deal.


Complete the purchase

To complete the purchase of your new home, you pay the remaining amount including taxes and taxes to your lawyer as for the money to the seller. When the money is with the lawyer, letter of purchase and legal notice is signed by a Notary Publicus, which is the final document required to be registered as the new owner of the authorities. Your lawyer will then assist you in registering as a new owner and arranging the agreement for basic services such as electricity, water and waste collection.

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