The genuinely Spanish is attracting buyers

The genuinely Spanish is attracting buyers

It´s easy to speak warmly about a wonderful place like Estepona – a genuine town with all year round vegetable markets and ham festivals, solemn processions and spirited parades.

Its cultural life is vibrant with outdoor concerts and arty murals.

The beaches are long, wide and invite you to play, flirt or exercise while the popular boardwalk is always active with people rollerblading, walking the dog or just sitting and watching the world go by.

You can enjoy strolling between the town’s cafés and the beach’s chiringuitos, or the simple restaurants that offer little more than deliciously grilled fish on the spit.

You are rarely dressed up, the line between the beach and the city flows together and gives life that relaxed feel.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the quality of restaurants is remarkably good, with the food market soon to make its culinary contribution.

Estepona was once a slumbering fishing village, but today the city has spread along the coast and up the mountains while consciously keeping its low skyline.

So even though it has ‘grown up’, now home to more than 70,000 people, it has managed to maintain its ‘Spanish- ness’ and its openness towards us foreigners who are curious and want to be involved, understand and participate.

We have worked as real estate agents in Estepona for several years and are very pleased to help others to discover how wonderful it is to live here. With our wide network of contacts in the city, we have excellent opportunities to access unique properties, and we also collaborate with several local Spanish brokers who provide us with good objects. One of our success factors is that we live here and thus create security for our customers, we are always here, even after buying their property and needing help with practical things. Another is that we are not a mega-franchise-company who sees the customer as a two-legged wallet. We think service, personal and commitment.

Estepona is a natural and less well-groomed little sister to Marbella, less ‘bling bling’ and more genuine and cool – and that’s why Estepona ‘es mejor’!

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Bienvenido a Estepona!

Lotti Ander & Peter Fahlberg

We invite you to your accommodation

Free accommodation when you arrive in Estepona to buy a property through us. You are offered to live in a 2-bedroom apartment in the charming marina, high up with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar. Pool area and walking distance to everything.

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