Joachim and Gunilla Lindqvist


In spring 2014, Joachim and Gunilla began to look for the apartment they would like to have in the sun and the heat. During two intensive journeys, the brokers of the coast got the chance to present apartments that they thought were appropriate.

By the end of the last trip, in August 2014 and about 70 apartments later shown by seven different brokers, they met a broker who worked a little differently. This broker would know the requirements that the accommodation would meet, not just the budget. The city, the proximity to the beach and other criteria that Joachim and Gunilla could say were crucial listened.

What did you have to choose Estepona?
– Broker Lotti Ander definitely thought we should give the city a chance, and we went here, sunbathing and enjoying a Sunday, just to feel the atmosphere. We fell directly for Estepona’s charm, says Joachim.

What did she do differently?
“We found an apartment that clicked everything, except that it was several floors too high for my husband,” said Gunilla. He is terrified and did not enjoy it on the balcony even though it offered a wonderful view.
“What Lotti could offer was support for making a” copy-cat ” of that apartment. She found an apartment at a lower level and offered help to get the old-fashioned Spanish-style apartment renovated to the condition we wanted and … yes. We threw ourselves into this unknown and we have not regretted a second. Estepona is our paradise! We both agree, “says Joachim and Gunilla.

Ewa and Stefan Brandt

Ewa&Stefan Brandt

“That we discovered Estepona is thanks to our friends who showed us pictures during a party. We went down and visited them later and they showed us their best places and we got such a good feeling for the city that we wanted more, says Ewa Brandt.

“We’re quick to get a decision, Stefan fills with a smile.

Said that, they looked online and contacted Peter who showed them 8-10 different items. They wanted proximity to the sea and space and airy, preferably also a few miles from Estepona.

“As we stepped into the house, we just looked at each other and just had the same feeling, this was it! Paloma Beach is located just west of town and offers wonderful views and the ocean just in front of a nice beach.

How long was the process for you to decide?

– Ha ha Stefan laughs, define the process! We may not be like the normal customer, we decided to buy it right then!
– We also liked that it was quite newly built, in the early 2000s, it was bright and good size and that it is a small association.

“We felt great confidence in Peter at once, he feels senior and knowledgeable, and he speaks Spanish fluently, which is a great asset! We appreciate that we have Nest as a fixed point, they live in town and are in place and help us with a lot of difficulties when you do not speak the language, “says Stefan and Ewa.

Christina and Åke Ottoson

Christina&Åke Ottoson

For us Estepona is the living city that has everything …

• Spanish friendly and safe

• Blooming all year round

• Many restaurants and good service

• Great opportunity for recreation, sports and swimming

We have lived here for more than 3 years and have never regretted our choice

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